Rough Draft

There’s a joke about Harley-Davidson that they’re a t-shirt company that sells a motorbike from time-to-time. Not entirely fair, because the bikes they build these days are solid, but it does speak to the marketing juggernaut H-D has become. They sell an image, a brand, and they do it very well. Frankly, their work in that regard is possibly second to none and something any other business should emulate.

The thing is, I like BMW bikes. Not all of them; there have been some gross styling miscues in the past. But on the whole I think it’s a very cool brand that has suffered from Germanic stoicism in marketing. I’d like to change that.

This is a (very) rough draft of an idea I have for a poster/t-shirt. I’d like to start making money even in my hobby life, and I’m toying around with selling stuff on Zazzle or Etsy. And I figure if I don’t mention BMW explicitly, there’s no libel or false representation. At worst, BMW tells me to stop. At best, it becomes a hipster meme subculture icon and BMW starts buying my designs or ideas. (Far-fetched, but a fella can dream.)

So, what do you think?

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