Christmas bacon

Hey, when you don’t have a honey-baked ham, bacon should be considered an acceptable pork product substitute. At this time, I will once again declare the inferiority of “turkey bacon”, as it would fail to live up to the festive demands of the holidays and bacon is a cut of meat that appears nowhere on fowl. A pox on you, turkey bacon. May the ground where your hippie creators are buried remain barren and plagued.

I like turkey. Just don’t try to tell me it’s something that it’s not. But I digress.

I’m not going to go on a long-winded ordeal about why hippie-ish food substitutions are lame (although that’s an idea for a later post), so much as a shorter Thanksgiving post redux. Christmas here was good, but power and internet have been iffy for days. First I was just going to be lazy and not post. Then there was no power to post. Then there was power but no internet. Now there’s power, internet, and a sense of gratitude that I keep a lot of fruit and nuts around and tend to keep a few chicken breasts already cooked for convenience.

And I had saved a bunch of bacon I’d cooked previously. Yum.

So I hope everyone had a good Christmas, and that post-holiday parties and get togethers with family are fun and festive in this bizarre week where it still feels wrong to go to work between the holidays. Take time again to count your blessings (water never quit working!) and I hope you all have a happy new year.

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