Chasing Down Tales

Always begin with a strong sentence.

That’s generally my goal when I start these posts. BAM! Hit the reader right between the eyes with something that’ll captivate ’em. Right now though, I can’t pick just one because there’s so much to do. I know that on a blog I should just type them all out individually in separate entries, but I generally only post once a day anyhow so now I find myself trying to bring some semblance of order to all the thoughts racing through my brain.

1. Avoid stagnation. Even as I begin this paragraph, somehow I know there won’t be a point #2 and if I were to draft and re-draft like I normally do everything preceding this would be cut. But since I like the self-declarative opening sentence, I guess we’re going stream of consciousness on this one… Digression aside, I realized at some point that if you’re not careful, it becomes very easy to sit still in life. Pretty soon that great story or adventure becomes the only story or adventure you have. I could have been quite content in my career in the Air National Guard and likely would have been there for life if not for personality conflicts with my supervisor. God bless horrible bosses and their ability to drive people away, because he saved me from stagnation. I was comfortable, well-paid, and content to quit seeking out all that life has to offer. Google “Comfort is the enemy of ” and look at the results that auto-complete suggests. Growth, achievement, progress, greatness… My boss may have been the primary motivator for me to leave the ANG, but a close second was realizing I was sitting still. There are people dear to me that are done with their life’s journey, and some I argued never even tried because they became content too soon, but I very nearly followed the very same apathetic path. Get up and go DO something while you still can.

My first fish – a Bonito plucked from the Indian Ocean.

I caught my first fish. I’ve also started the ball rolling on a deep water fishing trip (further out, where the big fish are) and have begun my scuba certifications. It’s not as convenient as it could be, but opportunities are fleeting and being unwilling to make the effort should fill a man with shame. Chris LeDoux once sang it was better to have ten seconds in the saddle than a lifetime of watching from the stands. In 2012, no more excuses, and no more listening to naysayers. I’m going skydiving. I’m going bungee jumping. I’m going to get into a fist fight with a lumberjack. This year will not go by without more stories to tell.

2. Vacations are awesome. Ok, I was wrong about having a second point, but I don’t think I ever fully grasped this. In the past, any time I used vacation was to visit family for holidays or birthdays. Any big trips I was on were when my Dad spent his vacation (and hard-earned money) to take his family on holiday. I’ve never spent vacation time and money on myself or what I wanted, really. I still have family in two different parts of the USA that I want to visit, so I can’t monopolize my time in selfishness, but this past week has shown me I need to be looking at vacations differently, and that they can be more rewarding if I do so.

3 thoughts on “Chasing Down Tales

  1. “God bless horrible bosses and their ability to drive people away, because he saved me from stagnation”…

    Very profound. I was a huge fan of the Pod Cast and I am now enjoying your Blog.

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