Halfway to Aquaman

I just need to learn to talk to fish.

Ever had the dream where you can fly? I’ve only had a dream like that twice I can recall, but I’ve had dreams of breathing underwater for years. It’s usually something like I’m underwater, holding my breath and I panic when I’m out of air, only to discover I can breathe after all. And because they’re dreams, I’m usually swimming in a huge and carnival-like pool. With sharks, naturally.

So it’s probably way past time I did scuba. I got in the water today, working on my PADI Open Water certification. Just the controlled environment stuff, which we did in the shallow shelf on the beach near Beau Vallon. Really nice folks at the dive center of the Berjaya hotel, by the way. I got a little freaked out at the thought of breathing or swimming without a mask, but it turns out it was actually pretty easy. (Not being a mouth-breather, I was convinced I’d inhale through my nose and kill myself.) I still don’t like clearing/purging my mask, the salt water burns a bit like sweating in your eyes on a long run.

My biggest problem is buoyancy control. The Dive Master noted I have really great lung capacity, so I really have to work on my breathing. I rise and sink like crazy because I can alter my volume so dramatically.

My second biggest problem is I get all excited about being underwater because I was raised in a desert. Not hyper and freaking out, just easily distracted and constantly pointing “Hey! Look at that!” at every aquatic critter when I should have been doing skills demonstrations. Like a kid playing with new toys. And I really try not to, but apparently I swim like I walk- very fast. I swear I thought I was moseying…

I need to shave to reduce the water leakage under my nose, and I’m pretty excited to go back tomorrow morning and do it again.

3 thoughts on “Halfway to Aquaman

  1. Boy, I’m really happy for you, finding something new to do that you seem to really enjoy. You reminded me that I discovered as a young swimmer that I could affect my buoyancy easily by the amount of air that I kept in my lungs. Did you know that Uncle Dave got his scuba cert years ago, while living in Parker, of all places??? I don’t know if he’s ever used it, don’t know if he ever bought his own equipment. I spent hours under water in Andy Greenwell’s pool with his tanks on, but never had the opportunity to do what you are doing. I’m sure I would have good at it back then, but now, with allergies etc., I think I’d have lots of trouble with pressure and stuff. I’ll have to rely on you and your stories from here on out.

  2. I knew you’d love it! Can’t wait to dive with you. I knew you’d be like a kid under water like you were on the boat fishing..lol. Just stay close to your dive master…!!!! I have trouble with boyancy too, a 20lb weighbelt usually cures it tho.

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