I hate litterbugs

So here’s a story I’d never have believed if I’d not witnessed it with my own two eyes. I stepped out onto the dock in the backyard to get a better look at a boat passing by. One of the perks of this particular deployment. And as I head back in to the house, I think I see a dead fish floating vertically (head up) by the dock. Looking at it closer, it’s still moving it’s mouth and gills in an effort to breathe… and it’s trapped in a plastic bag. At first I thought it was caught, thrown in a ziplock, and misplaced. But when I reach down and grab the bag I can lift it straight up and off the fish, freeing it. It didn’t start moving or swimming, just floating freely and still trying to breathe. And I’m not getting all touchy-feely over a fish, but it was like the thing was traumatized and I found myself really hoping it would recover and start swimming. I don’t know, maybe I should have shoved it underwater some to give it a better chance.

But it was pretty clear that this fish simply swam into some litter and maybe died because of it. Now, I don’t really care about the fish. There are lots of ’em out there and nobody’s going to miss just one- that’s why we go on fishing trips. What ticks me off is the inconsiderate littering. I mean, at least cardboard will biodegrade over time, but plastic bags and bottle being thrown away willy-nilly just irks me. As a hiker, mountain biker, camper and shooter (and former Boy Scout) it just grates on me to see people destroying the environment with their thoughtlessness and trash. I’m a pretty right-wing guy and hate hippies and environmentalists because most of them are a bunch of Prius driving whiners that don’t actually spend time out in the environment they purport to be saving. But I actually get out there, and seeing the damage some low class and thoughtless cretin just has me incensed. The only thing lower than a litterbug is the creep actively vandalizing property with graffiti.

Please, clean up after yourselves. Don’t be a scumbag.

5 thoughts on “I hate litterbugs

  1. The thoughtlessness of it pisses me off to no end as well. I see tons of McDonalds and other fast food bags and soft drink cups just tossed out of the car all the time. What I can’t understand is why they just can’t hang on to it until they get to their destination. Virtually any place they stop there’s going to be a trash can, it’s not even like they have to carry it around with them forever.

  2. Litterbugs lack respect for others. It’s all about what is easiest for me rather than thinking about making the place you live nice for everyone. A simple thing called manners.
    While I was in collage at the U of A I lived in a high rise dorm that had a common room at one end of the hall. It was always a mess. I happened to be in it onetime when some girls were going to walk out and leave their mess. I asked them to clean it up. Their reply, ” they pay people to do that”. “Yes, but we have to live here in the meantime!”
    It’s all about me, no respect for others or God for that matter. He made a beautiful place for us to live and told us to take care of it. Believers are the true environmentalist.

  3. Actually it’s ok to feel for the fish. Yeah it’s just a fish and would be good to catch while fishing, but dying because of someones litter is just wrong. It’s expected by wildlife for us to fish or hunt them for food. Its how they eat. Its how they view their world. But to ruin their world and ours just out of laziness is reprehensible.

    We’re the top dog on the chain of evolution. That means we have the ability and responsibility to not treat it like a disposable item. Maybe they should teach cleaning up 101 at school too.

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