Son of a gun…

I’ve been saying Ford needed to kill Mercury since I was selling used cars in 2005, and maybe before. I said it again most recently here. And what do you know? They finally are.

Better late than never.

With Ford’s promise of bringing the Euro-version of the Focus finally being fulfilled (and the boosted ST model hopefully following), and even pulling their heads out of their collective tailpipes and embracing the future (at least in Europe) it looks like bright days ahead for Ford if you ask me. I understand it will pain some die hard ‘Mericans to admit the European cars are better, but it is still Ford and an “American” company- so they should market and hype the hell out of their advancements and smoke-screen the Euro connection by bragging about not taking the gov’t bailouts that GM lied about paying back in full. This lets them appeal to the boy racer, the younger generation, and the Tea Party crowd. Anybody who loves performance, baseball, Mom and apple pie should be having “the new Ford” sold to them.  …as long as Ford keeps doing it right.

No more fake interiors, FoMoCo. That’s all I ask now.

3 thoughts on “Son of a gun…

  1. Well when you have the government giving their biggest competitors billions of dollars it isn’t surprising that they needed a loan to compete after the market was already being distorted by the government. Additionally it was money to retool for more fuel friendly cars which the reason they are being forced to retool is the government is imposing more strict fuel standards on them. So they may have taken a loan but I feel it is government coercion that forced them into it. (And I say this as someone who has never owned a ford and isn’t interested in owning one now). As a former GM and Chrysler owner though I can also say I will never purchase one of their products again because of the bailout.

  2. Jeffrey, Just remember that GM/Chrysler were largely pushed into that position with the unions due to government influence.

    Ford had in part simply lucked out in that they mortgaged most of their assets for a loan right before the money-crisis occurred. Which prevented GM/Chrysler from doing the same. They then got the boon of being the only non-bailed out U.S. auto maker. It was half better business and half dumb luck.

    That said, I think both Ford and GM made mistakes in how they killed of their brand. Mercury has a legacy. And killing of the brand was smart, but they should have made it a Model or a line.

    The same with Pontiac. Both of these had legacies, they’re in music, they have fan base. For GM I thought “Pontiac” should have become their styling option. (Kind of like Z4 on Tahoes, etc). Essentially, “Pontiac” would just mean sport packaged (spoiler, larger tired, perhaps the bigger engine, etc). So for all the Chevy models that have sport packages. You’d just say “I want a Malibu Pontiac edition, Tahoe Pontiac edition”. Doing so would have kept the coolness of Pontiac, and allowed them to still benefit from the legacy, even if no longer a brand.

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