Real food

While I’ve still got motorcycles on the brain (I found a cool old ’73 Triumph I’d like to buy if I can sell the KLR), a change of pace felt really needed here. So it’s been quiet while I’ve not known what to write about and then last night it hit me: real and tasty food.

Blog followers will recall my review of Food, Inc. not long ago. I’ve also been reading (and only partially adhering to) The Paleo Diet. I’ve been enjoying going Paleo for the most part and really do feel better than when I eat cereal grains. But at other times it can be very difficult to kick the refined sugars and salts that’s in so much of our food today. Let’s face it: that stuff is tasty! Well last night I found the solution I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Previously, I’ve been using frozen fruits and berries (thawed, of course) thrown into some plain Greek yoghurt. (I spell it that way because then it’s manlier and has “hurt” in it’s name.) But it’s still been pretty bland. The fruit just hasn’t tasted… fruity enough. The frozen peaches were so tasteless I thought I should add honey. The problem according to Jack Spirko on an episode of the Survival Podcast is that modern produce from a supermarket is so overproduced and overwatered that it actually begins to be watered down in flavor. He contends that a big, juicy blueberry is far less flavorful than a smaller blueberry grown in the wild. After trying some organic strawberries I bought at a farmer’s market, I think he may be right.

They were so sweet and delicious! No added sugars, and they’re perfectly sweet enough to offset the tart flavor from the yoghurt. So now I’ve got a delicious snack that replaces ice cream or other sugar-heavy treats and I get fiber (avoiding grains this is what everyone brings up) and an outstanding amount of protein.

It’s hard going back to the Paleo Diet, I won’t lie. When I hurt my foot two years ago I fell off the wagon of regular exercise, but I’d made so much progress working out that I thought I could afford to cheat a little bit in my diet. Pretty soon the “cheats” became my regular diet, and I’m 50 pounds heavier than I’d like to be. This is not ok, but I’m hooked on eating junk again. Finding organic fruits that taste so much better than the frozen stuff in the local grocery megastore is just what I needed.

I love salt, and in order to drop it I have to use lots of salsa and other spices/herbs to “sex up” what would be an otherwise plain meal- but every time I find that perfect replacement that’s both healthier and tastier, getting back into the swing of things and eating right becomes that much easier.

The best part is that I find the vegetables and protein (lean meats and nuts/seeds) are much more filling and satisfying longer. It negates the “it’s more expensive” argument because I eat less now.

Now, it’s a little early to start proclaiming my triumphant return to eating Paleo but it’s never too soon to make one’s declarations public and invite a little public pressure to help maintain them. Right now my only specific goal is get back down to 200 lbs. (with 180 the goal after that) and back in to pants with a waist no greater than 34″. And the more reading I do, the more convinced I am that real food is the key.

And it doesn’t hurt that it tastes better.

I don’t know the dietary or physical goals of my readership, but I strongly encourage you all to seek out a local farmer’s market. It’s likely only a Google search away. And yeah, they’ve got a dirty hippie vibe a lot of the time that kept me away for years. Birkenstock-wearing granola munchers just make my skin crawl. But if you remember you’re there for Paleo reasons and they were hunter-gatherers, just go in there with a warrior mindset ready to pillage the weaker soy fans like the viking/valkyrie you can be. It’s worth it in the end.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I’ve gotten myself all psyched up while writing this and I’m gonna go find something to do pull-ups on.

8 thoughts on “Real food

  1. What kind of Greek yogurt do you eat? I tried Yoplait Greek & was pretty disappointed. Even with lots of granola & blueberries (not frozen–bleh) in it, it wasn’t nearly as tasty as I wished it was. Made me want to stick to reliable, old vanilla Yoplait.

  2. You may want to consider Primal instead of Paleo. It is like Paleo light. I did it for lent this year and ended up dropping 16 pounds (in 40 days) and I wasn’t hungry at all and I feel great. I got some blood work done 23 days into it (and 7 pounds down) and the numbers looked better than the tests I had run 10 months prior.

    • Thanks, Jeff. Isn’t Mark’s Daily Apple a great site?!?! After sticking to Paleo for a couple of days, it gets much easier, and after a week it’s very easy to avoid grains, breads, sugars, etc. What I miss is always dairy. I’ll look into Primal!

      • Yeah Mark’s Daily Apple is a great site. One of the big differences between Paleo and Primal is if you aren’t lactose intolerant full fat dairy is allowed in Primal (And I do drink milk and eat cheese). Also Primal doesn’t seem to have any hangups about salt. So just those 2 factors alone I think make eating much more enjoyable for me.

  3. I gotta disagree with you about the hippies. They can be fun, too. If you are at a booth where they’re crowding around, just look over at the closest booth selling honey and say that the guy doesn’t believe in free range bees. It’s slave labor!

  4. I’ve been primal for about six months now (I thought I would try it for a month and it turned out to be so easy I’ve stuck with it) and it really is awesome. If you are having cravings for any sort of sweet/salt, I recommend checking your potassium intake and maybe supplementing. Every time I do it shoots the cravings in the foot. I had no idea that potassium was so lacking in my diet before I went primal or that I would be so sensitive to getting only 80% of the RDA.

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