Procuring proper pint glasses

Seriously, where does one do this?

I find it a little odd that I want a few more, because I’ve always derided having specialty dining ware in favor of “do-it-all” items. I still have no desire to own silver flatware that requires special care or polishing, nor do I really want special fancy plates that require extra care or caution. But who knows? That could change. Because I’ve gone from laughing at having separate red and white wine glasses to contemplating getting some of my own, and I’ve already picked up a set of Glencairn glasses just for kicks.

Of course, some of this simply comes down to me liking glass that’s in cool and different shapes. The geometry and form of it just fascinates me. But the reason I want a proper, British style pint glass is because I spent three years stationed in the U.K. when I was in the Air Force and I’ve already got two that I stole liberated from pubs there. There’s nothing wrong with the American style pint glass, really. It’s just as manly, stacks just as well, and honestly it’s more versatile due to being an even simpler design. But I’ve got two “proper” pint glasses complete with the etched official crown pint seal, and I’d really like to have at least four more in case one breaks. Especially since the UK gov’t is such a bunch of ninnies that there’s serious talk of banning the traditional pint glass in favor of plastic shatter-proof designs that can’t be used as weapons. Because the rim of the glass can’t be used as an impact device, apparently… /snark.

Update: I found them while writing this post! Apparently the traditional ridged glass (I always thought is was more of a bulge than a ridge, but whatever) is known as a Nonic glass. I’m going to order several before they’re no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Procuring proper pint glasses

    • I was unfamiliar with their Turbulator until just now! Thanks for the heads up! Now if only I could get it without their logo being quite so prominent… Maybe laser-etched or subdued somehow. I LOVE Sam Adams (although not their Boston Lager, funny enough). Ever seen the documentary Beer Wars?

      • No I haven’t I’ll have to check it out.

        I agree with the logo. I’d prefer a Turbulator without the logo if I could get it.

  1. The glasses that Sam Adams beer had made have an unusual shape for a reason, you should look it up. It’s kind of interesting.

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