One Racy Pen

I forgot to include this in my last post: a pen I lust after but will probably never buy because it’s stupidly expensive, just like their cars, the Porsche Design TecFlex. I’m unsure if this one was actually made by Faber-Castell or by Pelikan, but just look at it. Any gearhead worth their salt is gonna love this thing.

The barrel is shrouded by woven stainless steel (gold highlight that I prefer is optional) just like brake lines in high performance cars. Gold nib, it comes with a piston converter so you can use a more conventional cartridge if you like. The cap is held on the tail by spring loaded ball bearings. When you unscrew the barrel from the tip you can see an insane amount of precision in the manufacture of the tip, the inner threads for the barrel and the outer threads for the cap just contrast beautifully. And it’s heavy and thick. This is a pen with some real substance. But at $425, I just can’t bring myself to do it, no matter how cool it is. That’s some real serious Christmas present money (only 101 days away as I publish this) and I’ve got a wedding coming up, niece and nephew’s birthdays, and basically just a whole lot of people I love more than myself that are due for some attention and doting.

But if I did get it, it would use only the most vivid red ink I could find. Vroom!

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