Why I’m Still Glad Pontiac is Dead

The economy sucks, our nation is morally bankrupt, and somewhere out there young “men” are still wearing skinny jeans. At least I can take comfort in knowing by the time I have kids, they may never have to see a Pontiac actually on the road.

I rant about such boring, gutless cars being named after races. Now I’m also convinced that for the last 25 years of existence, Pontiac also made the most consistently ugly cars on the road (Firebird excepted). I don’t know if that’s actually the case, or if it’s the horrific state of repair it seems half the owners keep their vehicles in.

The upside to these cars being stereotypically neglected is that sooner or later they’ll go away, and it may happen sooner. Just like you never see a Gremlin or Pacer out on the road, the eyesores Pontiac produced will gone. The automotive world is going to get prettier. GM continues to make exceptionally beige looking vehicles, but at least they’re not ugly.

Can you tell I was stuck behind a Grand Am on my drive to work today?

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Still Glad Pontiac is Dead

  1. I’m not so lucky. I’ve seen 3 Gremlins and two Pacers since I moved to Florida. Ironicly enough, I was talking to my credit union about what type of loan I would need to get a ’88 Fiero GT. (It was to tease/scare the wife.)

  2. I partially disagree. While you couldn’t have paid me enough to own a Grand Am, Aztek, Sunbird, or whatever that awful Chevy Celebrity equivalence was, I did quite happily own two Grand Prix GTPs in a row. There were both purchased used, from the same guy, with the same option packages, same color, same interior, and we managed to get 200k mostly trouble-free miles out of both. They were decent looking, comfortable, sneaky-quick, performed well, and economical (29MPG HWY). I have often looked for another low-mile GTP, but they are tough to find in good shape. I will always have a fondness for two cars that both ran like scalded dogs, and asked for little in return.

    • I know you always bring up the GTPs that you liked, but a brand has to be more than just one car, and the GTP was just a package on an otherwise unremarkable car. I could forgive Pontiac for using the same platform as the other shitty/boring GM bore-mobiles (Buick Regal and Century, Olds Intrigue, etc.) if the GTP was the ONLY way they sold the platform. That would have been a great way to legitimize the brand as GM’s performance branch. But they didn’t. And Pontiac died because guys like me never saw the gems Pontiac occasionally produced. We saw a bunch crappy dad-mobiles with too similar and ugly styling, that were functionally the same as Buick and Oldsmobile GRANDdad-mobiles. As a BRAND, that’s what Pontiac was.

      Oddly, my next planned Pontiac essay is about why the Aztek was ahead of it’s time and deserves a second look! LOL!

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