Just like the old days

Growing up, I always liked the way my Dad smelled when he and Mom would go out for a date. I have such a fond recollection of the smell of Brut (original formula, not rebranded “33”) and the glass bottle Dad had with the metal medallion held around the bottle’s neck with a chain. Then my girlfriend (soon to be wife) found me this in a Brooks Brothers shortly before I left Vegas.

A glass bottle with a metal cap. The plastic insert in the cap is just for threads and sealing. It’s not exactly like my dad’s Brut, but it evokes the same feeling. And you don’t have to be in an overpriced Forum Shoppe at Caesar’s to get it- I’ve seen Royall Lyme products for sale in down-home-country-buy-stuff-cheap mail order catalogs.

So this has been a test run of posting entirely from my phone AND a product recommendation. Royall has other scents, and I find them to be classy but not over-the-top. Beside, cologne lasts a long time. Give this one a shot.

4 thoughts on “Just like the old days

  1. Fiance is the word you were looking for: girlfriend, soon to be wife. I can’t believe the detail you remember about that bottle of Brut! Mom

  2. Hope the DE razor in the pic is a sign you’ve abandoned the multi blade cartridge and found a quality shave. Best thing I ever did was ditch the fusion and pick up a Merkur DE razor and some qulity (but reasonable priced) soaps and creams.

    • Indeed, sir. I’ve been using vintage Gillettes for over a year now, but when I’m deployed the cartridges come back into play. They’re just easier to use when you’re camping out in Afghanistan for months at a time… 😦

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