Cool Stuff

I’ve been quiet on the blog front lately due to vacation and wedding planning (sometimes focusing on family and not techno-gizmology is just what the doctor ordered). And of course, as I keep saying, I’ve got some much longer posts in mind for a later time. But for now, here’s just some plain ol’ cool stuff for your perusing pleasure.

Chicago Comb Co. is a neat find I discovered through Huckberry (a cool website I nonetheless don’t recommend due to their signup requirements). Ever lament that “they don’t make things like they used to”? Does it irk you that your grandparents’ waffle iron from the 1940s still works and works better than the chintzy plastic crap sold at Target these days? Cheap quality guaranteeing the need for future sales (and continuing business) is pretty much the antithesis of these stainless steel combs. So no more plastic, people. Buy something real.

Prospector Co. looks to be where my business will go when I’m finally through all my Art of Shaving product. As much as I enjoy the process of an old-fashioned wet shave, once I got into it and learned more from forums like Badger & Blade I realized that AoS is owned by Gillette (why they make fancy/expensive handles for those disposable razors and not Schick) and is pretty overpriced. Their tester vials kit is on my near future “to do” list and could make a very cool stocking stuffer for an important man in your life.

Uncrate. Pretty pictures and cool gear for all kinds of guys. Last I knew, they promised 5 new lust worthy updates a day.

And if you’re not checking out The Art of Manliness every so often, go there right now and reclaim your masculinity! Being a gentleman has never been so needed.

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