My Trophy

My Wunderlich Trophy fairing came in and I’ve installed it on the motorcycle. It performs well, reducing wind noise on the highway, and gives the front end of the bike a simpler look that aids the “classic” motif despite the modern intrinsic design of the bike itself.

Trophy fairing 01The most common aftermarket windshields I see on BMW R****R bikes are from Cee Bailey’s and they’re so ugly I’d rather sell the bike and ride something else. Seriously. Thankfully, there are other options and I’ve found this one. The wind noise isn’t as perfectly quiet as it could be- standing on the pegs still puts my helmet in cleaner and almost silent air. But it’s livable now and much quieter than it was, pushing more air than one might expect. My torso is fatigue-free and the wind hits my helmet right around visor level instead of a massively loud blast at the base near my neck. I wear an Arai XD3 and removing the peak will likely change the noise level. I’m 6’0″ with a 33″ inseam and further tinkering of riding ergos like the bars and seat will all have their effect, as well.

Trophy fairing 02What really blew my mind is how difficult it is to install; my wife said it took around three hours. The instructions aren’t clear at all, neither are the pictures, and all the included bolts are hex-socket despite all the bolts on the bike being Torx (so it requires two separate sets of tools). Behind that clean and simple looking fairing are brackets to reposition the blinkers, a few hours’ stress over how parts are supposed to align, tears of anger at instructions’ poor translation… And I had parts left over: two small bolts and some washers. I assume because BMW’s sport flyscreen was installed and Wunderlich has the kit designed and written for a naked bike. But eventually we got it fitted correctly and it is rock-solid. The difficulty in getting parts aligned and installed correctly comes from how precisely it is designed to fit. The fairing looks and feels so much like an OEM part that the only betrayal of aftermarket origin is the headlight can’t be adjusted while it’s installed.

Wunderlich calls this fairing the Trophy. Merriam-Webster doesn’t give a perfect definition for the twist I want to put on the end of this post so I’ll take liberties and use a synonym. I like the fairing a lot, but the real treasure is my wife who supported such an expensive bit of farkle and spent the aforementioned three hours helping me install it. The part has a price tag, and installation time is billed at an hourly rate. A wife who is supportive and understanding and helpful? She’s priceless.

5 thoughts on “My Trophy

  1. I try to install most of my new accessories on my bike but I have found that I often can not meet the standard installation time that the manufacture suggests. Heck most of the time, I have to call up reinforcements to assist me in the process. Half the fun is trying then I just get frustrated but that does not matter once you accomplish your objective and the part is installed!

  2. When did you get married dude? Conrgrats! I have not followed this blog as much as your old podcast but last I knew you were single.

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