Vintage ad love

There’s no getting around it, the Volkswagen/Porsche 914/916 is U-G-L-Y. There’s a reason hipsters always seem to choose the 1970s as the decade to celebrate ironically. But I’ve heard tell that a car’s looks don’t have much effect on what it’s like to drive, and by most accounts this car was a blast. And I’ve seen one restored like new in a hideous ’70s orange that was beautiful in its own right (though it may have been the clear love of the owner I found so moving).


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5 thoughts on “Vintage ad love

  1. Just like my dad’s car! Whether its ugly or not, I have fond memories of times spent with my dad in that car.

    • Prettier than a Karmann-Ghia?!?! You’re nuts! But I will say the 914/916 has grown on me… and looks best in a “yucky” ’70s shade of yellow, orange, or green, etc. 😉

      • The Karmann-Ghia reminds me of a Studebaker. But Yeah, I’m nuts. I still listen to Carl, Stan and Tommy every week. This should be expected. 😉

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