The Road to Nowhere

The long, flat and straight roads make me understand why some guys ride cruisers. I’m still uninterested in having my feet so far forward, it makes for lousy (and if not “lousy”, inarguably worse) control when the road starts winding. But I may need to consider some touring bars so I can sit more upright; the subtle lean forward on my bike had my neck pretty sore after a couple of hours. I’m definitely ready to upgrade my helmet to something quieter, as well. Still, there’s nothing better than feeling the sun go hot and and cool on your back as you pass in and out of shadows. The smell of fresh cut grass, pine and campfires. Feeling the temperature drop a few degrees as you pass through a dip in the road subtle enough to not notice but substantial enough to affect the climate. The best thing about riding is how visceral it is. Good brakes and easy u-turns facilitate going back to examine a roadside oddity, like randomly trying the front door to an old abandoned church.

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