Never thought I’d see the day

I’ve always been pro-helmet, but the libertarian in me has been opposed to mandatory helmet laws. God help me, the anti-helmet law arguments are so bad and so stupid I’m beginning to think a nationwide helmet law might not be such a bad idea.

An old Buell ad. You know, the company Harley killed? Click to embiggen.

An old Buell ad. You know, the company Harley killed? Click to embiggen.

6 thoughts on “Never thought I’d see the day

  1. Hello Eric,
    Way back in 1989, I wrote my ENG102 “dissertation” on this subject, asserting the position that we should have mandatory helmet laws. My research, accomplished without the help of the internet, consisted of trips to the library to review studies by D.O.T., J.A.M.A., and interviews with DOT officials in downtown Phoenix. I wasn’t too concerned with politics back then, so individual freedom did not influence my position. Like you, I am also libertarian but still believe that all riders should wear a helmet. Helmets enhance vision, hearing, and (obviously) survivability in a crash. Helmeted riders involved in accidents tax the health care system WAY less, and reduce the workload of obituary writers significantly!
    By the way, thanks for the regular posts. Your last group of pics were awesome…

    John Higgins

  2. I used to be concerned about the rider overheating in their helmets in “hot” states like Florida, Nevada, and such; but with all the new technologies in directed air flow for the rider, it’s a no brainer.

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