Read the title like Conan the Barbarian shouting an expletive for full effect. 😉

There’s not much I can say that wasn’t already stated here without risking plagiarism. But I can say the Grom is a long overdue replacement for the Rebel as a good beginner’s bike. The Rebel is more than a little dated, and I basically loathe cruisers anyway. The Grom gives a smaller framed rider the best option since the Buell Blast was killed.

Some might complain that the Grom is only 125cc, 10 hp, and tops out at 65-70 mph. To them I say the 250cc Rebel has 50% more horsepower, but is also 50% heavier and has the same top speed limitation. And the Grom is $1,200 less expensive with fuel injection and disc brakes instead of the Rebel’s drum hubs. What’s not to like?!?! It only has a gallon and a half tank, but the mileage is rumored to be up to 130 mpg!

Sure, it’s a “monkey bike”. Or a 3/4 scale motorcycle. But small bikes are a ton of fun and it’s more rewarding to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow. I’ve always been more of a European bike fan, but Honda has really been impressing me lately and the Grom jumps out at me as another fantastic product and the only one like it. There’s really nothing else in the same class to compete with it. It arrives in the US in August, I’ll be keeping an eye out for it and I suggest everyone else does as well.

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