At a certain point…

isn't it just time to admit you're not that interested in riding a motorcycle?

isn’t it just time to admit you’re not that interested in riding a motorcycle?

This Goldwing driver is almost up there with my opinion of trikes– at a certain point you’ve just compromised the advantages of a motorcycle so severely you’d be better off in a car. At least this fella’s still narrow enough he may be able to lane split in CA. Being a Goldwing, it’s even got a windshield wiper. Maybe this poor guy would rather have a car, but this gives him a break from talking to the missus?

bmw-c1At least the BMW C1 was outright designed to be a two wheeled vehicle for car drivers. It was much more honest, and perhaps sensible than that Goldwing monstrosity in that regard. ABS, stereo system, reading light, heated grips and seat… and a roll cage and harness system so good you didn’t need a helmet. This thing was outright marketed in “Executive” or “Family Friend” trim levels for car drivers tired of dealing with congestion (remember, everywhere but the USA allows lane splitting and filtering). So you have the convenience of a scooter, but the comforts of a car. No wrinkly business suits or helmet hair right before that big meeting. It’s less motorcycle and more personal transport from the future. I saw these when I lived in England and to this day I want to smuggle one into the states. Because weird is fun, but good design from the ground up is even better.

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It didn’t sell well and was only built for two years, which is sad. It was ahead of it’s time.

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