I’ve seen this before…

My wife and I watched Olympus Has Fallen last night. Aside from some truly awful CGI effects, most of the action and story is a lot of fun and it’s easily the best Die Hard knock-off since Speed and Under Siege (I didn’t like Passenger 57). It doesn’t hurt that it was directed by Antoine Fuqua, whom I believe to be the best action director in the game today.

But that’s not the point of this post. My real reason for posting is because White House Down also came out this summer, and I just can’t figure out why Hollywood keeps making the same movie twice. And that link forgets that 1989 saw a triumvirate of The Abyss, Leviathan, and Deep Star Six. Also Prefontaine vs. Without Limits. And while Under Siege and Passenger 57 both came out in 1992 (technically qualifying as twin movies), after John McClane made his debut everybody started making “Die Hard in a…” knock-offs, so I’ll exempt them as mini-genre. But now I’m just being persnickety.

Initially, I was going to list all the twin movies with years and movie posters, but since the link in bold font already does that (and it’s a phenomenon other sites have commented on before), I guess I’m going to squander my energy and time contemplating why it happens. One of my buddies that fancies himself an actor thinks it happens from a script floating around tinsel-town, and a studio turning it down but deciding to develop their own version. Makes as much sense to me as any other explanation.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter that much, other than possibly contributing to an odd sense of deja vu. Of course, maybe that happens because certain actors keep playing the same roles… (language warning on that last link, but #1 is hilarious).

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