I’m guessing most people don’t pay much attention to headlights until one of theirs goes out. Or somebody else’s is aimed improperly and blinding them. Then there are the knuckleheads driving with no lights on when it’s dark (these people are why I don’t understand the dearth of daytime running lights in the US). But a well adjusted headlight can make a (figurative) difference like night and day.


The color is an allegory. Get it? Get it?

I may not have the self-aiming headlight of the K1600 bikes, but as I rolled my way into work with sunlight just beginning to warm the horizon I decided to check my high vs. low beams and was delighted they came out perfect. I’d done it myself when mounting the cafe fairing and always remembered my old Multistrada blinding car drivers in front of me as it shone in their back windows and reflected in rear view mirrors. I’d rather be polite and liked for my road manners, so I was afraid I’d aimed my beam just a hair too low; a quick flick of my high beams illuminated every road sign up ahead of me but didn’t needlessly try to light much empty sky. Low beam on the road + high beam on the horizon = perfect.

Take the time to ensure your visibility, both to see and be seen.

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