Finding one’s voice

My wife gave me some feedback from yesterday’s essay and I think she’s exactly right. I lost my voice. I was so busy laying the groundwork and establishing premises for future writing that I got lost in the details and cranked out a really dry read.

The worst part is, I think I knew it before I hit publish.The only parts of yesterday’s post I was really proud of was my almost-pun at the beginning, and a joke about Birkenstocks that was lost in a bunch of psychology jargon. When I wrote the shoe joke, the sudden feeling of joy I got from it should have been a clue to how boring the rest of it was.

Obviously, I can write a decent research paper. The problem is nobody reads research papers for leisure.

So I’ll chalk that one up to still growing as a writer. I would very much like my blog to be inspirational, though that word seems almost garishly overdramatic. I’m not pausing to look up better words in a thesaurus today- this is almost stream of consciousness. I want to grow as a writer, which probably means I should read more as well, and I want this blog to be thought-provoking. There. I found the word without using a thesaurus, after all.

I want to write things that will get people to think. I don’t want to play fast and loose with exclamation points or bold, underlining, and italicizing. I want to write good content. I want the content to be where the value is. I want to get people to use critical thinking, realize there’s more to the world than the 50 mile radius around them, and to be curious and explore.

Finding my voice in that pursuit is going to be tricky. There are very few educational experiences that are also fun, and I think that’s what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve never really wanted to write a novel, but I used to be fairly decent at story-telling. Factual events and things have stories, too. Maybe that’s what I need to work on?

TL;DR: Yesterday’s post was boring, and I apologize. I will do better.

One thought on “Finding one’s voice

  1. Thought provoking. You provoked a few thoughts with yesterday’s post, but I won’t be cruel and tell you what they were. Today’s was much better. I just finished a very thought provoking book loaned to me by Shirley Reblin. Seeking Allah Finding Jesus. by Nabeel Qureshi.He had three reasons for writing the book. #1. to tear down walls by giving non-Muslim readers an insider’s perspective into a Muslim’s heart and mind. It was very enlightening. I’m having hard time expressing what I learned. The main idea that I came away with is that a Westerner reasons things out with the paradigm of good/evil or right /wrong; but Muslims think in terms of honor/ shame. They think of authority very differently than we do as well. I found it a very educational read, if at times a bit slow. Still worth the read.

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