Cognitive biases & the Socratic method

I really need to write an essay about horseshoe theory since that’s how I ended my last essay. Vacation and an emergency visit to the hospital with my son (he’s fine) have led me to taking the easy path and simply sharing quotes for past several weeks. I’m about to take the easy way out for a post again.

While the degree I’m pursuing is in entrepreneurship, the curriculum includes a surprising amount of psychology with which I’ve unexpectedly fallen in love. If I had enough time remaining in VA benefits I would probably change majors. Learning about the oddities of the human brain has been fascinating- from how we imagine faces or bodies out of shadows or rocks (called pareidolia), to common faults in reasoning. And I’ve become completely enamored with the Socratic method. (I should probably take some philosophy, too, if I can.)

Unfortunately, my last attempt to write about the Socratic method came out a little bit dry. Despite my desire to sing its praise from the mountaintops, I lost my voice in a mistaken obsession with writing scholastically. So this time I’m sharing an entertaining video that should communicate the same information in a more engaging way. Enjoy!

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