Dream car so close; dream car so far

I’ve written before that my dream car is a fast, all-wheel-drive wagon. Quick and fast are fun, and I want a low center of gravity for handling. All-wheel-drive for me is strictly about snow tires and traction when things get slippy… or putting more power down to the ground than one set of wheels can accomplish. I’m not an off-roader and I don’t need any of the pretense offered by CUVs. But I’d still like a wagon because it’s a place to put the kid’s stroller, or use a gate and contain the dogs.

Back before Americans became neurotic and insecure they drove wagons (and minivans) without fearing for their manhood. I don’t have any mental issues about masculinity. I am totally cool with and proud of the fact that I’m a dad and I see nothing wrong with driving a family vehicle. I also see no reason why the family hauler can’t be fun. But for now, this is an itch that can only be scratched overseas. Every “dream car” for me right now is either not sold in North America or still a few years off. Here the list as it stands today.

The one I’d buy today: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R SportWagen


A tastefully styled, 300 horsepower, all-wheel drive grocery getter with a nice interior, panoramic glass panel sunroof, and stereo that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (because OEM infotainment units universally suck). The best part is that it uses the driveline (and turbo) of the Golf R hatch, so this thing can be tuned for ridiculous amounts of power.

The runner up I’d buy today: Subaru LEVORG.


Basically the same thing as the VW. Imagine if Subaru brought back the Legacy wagon or quit dressing the Outback up like a Jeep, and then gave it the STi treatment. How freaking cool would this be?! I doubt it’s got a glass panel roof and Subaru interiors are renowned for being little cheaper than competitors, but if the stereo supports CarPlay and Android Auto I could learn to live with the, um, unsubtle styling.

If money were no object: 2017 Volvo V90 T8

Bowers & Wilkins audio system. Panoramic glass panel roof. Semi-autonomous driving up to 80 mph. Up to 410 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and the hybrid will do 31 miles of pure electric range (enough for my commute). All that, and possibly the most beautiful interior on the market. If I had Lamborghini money, this is still the car I would buy.

It’s gonna be the future soon: Tesla Model 3


Glass panel roof is standard. Available all-wheel drive. The slowest one will do 0-60 in under six seconds. Autonomous driving features are standard (because Interstate driving is awful). It doesn’t have a stupid fake grille like the Model S used to because it doesn’t need one because it doesn’t have a radiator. No oil changes, no transmission, no belts, no spark plugs, etc.! If only it came as a wagon…

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