How Elmo ruined Sesame Street

I’ll be going on vacation soon and likely won’t write much for the rest of the month, so my plan is write a lot today and schedule it for release over the next few weeks. Before I do, though, I want to post something today and this essay is better than anything I can knock out for a morning release.

How Elmo ruined Sesame Street

It’s not just a curmudgeonly rant against an overly cutesy, obnoxious puppet. There’s definitely criticism of that aspect, but he also gives a solid look at the dumbing down of the educational content of the show. If you have small kids or grandkids and think about their development, it’s an essay worth reading.

Personally, my son watches Curious George.

3 thoughts on “How Elmo ruined Sesame Street

  1. You should take a look at Little Einsteins. My kids love that show and I think it is pretty good. They get exposed to music and art and culture in every episode and they just loved it.

  2. Thanks for the link to this article. Even though I never really see Sesame Street anymore, you can still tell what is going on with Elmo being the main character by all the hype and marketing.This article really nails the decline of Sesame Street. I can’t stand Elmo because he has all but removed Grover, one of my favorites from the 80’s when you were growing up. I’m really sad that George won’t have well done educational shows to watch like Sesame Street was when you were watching, and Mr. Rodgers, and others.

    • The good news is that Curious George is a fantastically educational show that walks kids through experimenting and learning, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is continuing the Mr. Rogers legacy after his passing.

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