A reasonable look at the press

I tend to think the greatest problem with the news is actually the audience, but I may just be in a cynical mood this morning.

One thought on “A reasonable look at the press

  1. Have you looked at Scott Adams’ Blog? I think his thoughts on persuasion to me explain a lot of what we are seeing going on. I have friends on the left that literally think Trump is going to put them in concentration camps. There are other people on the right that think he is going to be be the greatest president of all. Meanwhile I am over in my corner like oh we had 2 bad choices (I guess 4 if you include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein) so obviously one of these terrible people was going to win. But what I find fascinating is how not much has happened and people are just freaking out like it is the end of the world.

    The news is definitely biased (either for or against Trump depending on your source), and unfortunately that is where most of the people are getting their information. They aren’t reading in depth analysis, they are listening to some blowhard on TV (be it O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow).

    Then the real question is what is the solution? How do you get people to engage? You could argue it is an education issue, and I do think much of the government schools are terrible (hence my kids are in private school), but I am not even sure it is that. I used to work with a guy who had grown up in Hungary in the time of communism. And I was talking to him about my observations that Europeans in general just seem so much more informed about what is going on vs the average American. (Though maybe it is just the Europeans that I hang out with). He said that he sort of gets it, in Europe there wasn’t as much material wealth he said so people are more engaged on it, and over here life is just easier, so people tend to disengage and just focus on their family and what they are doing. He said that he did that as well to some degree.

    I suspect it is a combination of many factors, but what I don’t see is a good answer of how do you improve things? I am not sure how you get other people to care, when in reality you can have nearly zero impact on what the federal government chooses to do. (Your vote doesn’t matter when deciding president as it isn’t going to be decided by 1 vote, the representative ratio is so many people to so few representatives (vs how the US was originally setup with a ratio of 30,000 people per representative) so you can’t really have a big impact on what the representatives do. They are so gerrymandered in their districts they almost never lose.) So given all that, I am not sure what the answer is. I guess as a cord cutter I am not supporting the crappy “news” channels the guy in the video discusses, but not sure I can do much else other than focusing on my local neighborhood and community and engaging with the people living around me.

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