Attention to Detail


Just happened to notice this as I was doing yard work. Being colorblind, this was a pretty remarkable observation on my part since it was green on green. Making the photo black and white causes the subject to be much more defined to my eye.


Liven up your letters



Readers already know I’ve fallen in love with fountain pens. Now I’ve gone even further old-school with my own wax seal. Nostalgic Impressions made it for me, and I couldn’t be happier. They also carry some great colored waxes. Make your letters really stand out.

Photo education


I like learning. I honestly believe I didn’t do well in school is because so few teachers are actually any good. Maybe it’s the structure the NEA dictates. I don’t really know. But all of this is just digression from a remarkably brief post anyway.

I knew that pictures where the subject is off-center were always more visually appealing and striking, but never really knew why. At the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, they talked about the quality of the camera stacking up to consumer grade point-and-shoot devices and little things they’ve added to help users: like a grid overlay on the screen to align pictures for the Rule of Thirds.

I forgot about that feature when snapping pictures yesterday, but I’ve tried to apply it in the cropping and editing of today’s pic. I probably would have done it wrong anyhow, since I hadn’t read any good references on the rule at that point. Today’s photo has also had some coloring done to it: two levels of fading followed by two levels boost in iPhoto ’11. It’s amateur hobbyist-ish, but that’s me. All I know is I like the effect, except for the graininess it adds to the blue sky.

My first cognizant "rule of thirds" attempt.

Edit: photo is clickable for full size image

So I’m learning more about technique and hoping it will reduce dependance upon gizmos. I mean, gizmos are cool and there are a handful I want, but without a basis in the fundamentals I think getting a good shot would be more a matter of luck. Here’s hoping I can start getting the pictures I’ve been envisioning! Curiosity rules!



I’m still working on a long post that requires more thought, so in the meantime here’s a pic I snapped today. This is the raw image, no retouching, only sized down to 25% scale. Shot with an iPhone 4S, just wading out into the water.

I’m a small, petty man

Some days are great. Some days are so great, I think of the people who said I wasn’t good enough or wouldn’t achieve anything and I chuckle. A select few girls that turned me down come to mind, but I’m not naming names; if karma does exist I have no desire to mess things up. Bragging should be out of the question simply as a matter of manners.

And yet, some small part of me looks at my bank statement and earnings, the view off my balcony, the beach I just got paid to lounge on… I don’t want to brag in a “You could have had this” kind of way, because that would just be gauche. It’s more about self-satisfaction and knowing that I can achieve more than some naysayer’s estimation of my potential.

Never listen to anybody who puts limitations on your potential. Work hard, keep your chin up, and prove ’em wrong. Because some day, if you stay the course you know to be true, you’ll hear Toby Keith singing How Do You Like Me Now?! and smile.

shot roadside…


I just liked the composition of this shot.

I’m no photographer, but I like to dabble. This was taken roadside, likely with an iPhone 4. I was just happy I was able to focus on the denim of my jeans and have the rest out of focus. For a point-and-shoot guy like me, it’s the little things.